venerdì 31 agosto 2012

The help

RYAN: (ansimando) Non immaginavo che un lavoro part-time potesse essere così faticoso!
RYAN: (panting) I never imagined that a part-time job could be so tiring!

RYAN: Mi chiedo a cosa serva trasportare tutti questi scatoloni da una parte all'altra della città!
RYAN: I wonder what it's carrying all these boxes from one side of the city!

RYAN: E' già il quarto che devo consegnare oggi! E tutto da solo!
RYAN: It 's already the fourth that I have to deliver today! And all alone!

RYAN: Se solo ci fosse qualcuno disposto ad aiutarmi....
RYAN: If only there was someone willing to help me ....

RYAN: Oh! Ma che fortuna!
RYAN: Oh! What a luck!

RYAN:  Ciao Frankie!
FRANKIE STEIN: Ehi Ryan! Come và amico?
RYAN: Hello Frankie!
FRANKIE STEIN: Hyia Ryan! How are you dude?

RYAN: Non molto bene. Devo consegnare degli scatoloni, ma sono pesantissimi e vado a rilento e sono molto indietro con le consegne
RYAN: I'm doing not very well. I have to deliver the boxes, but they are heavy and I go slow and far behind with deliveries

RYAN: Non ce la farò mai da solo! Così ho pensato che forse tu mi avresti potuto aiutare
RYAN: I'll never make it alone! So I thought maybe you could help me

RYAN: Si. Apprezzerei moltissimo se tu mi dessi una mano col lavoro. Per favore
RYAN: Yeah I greatly appreciate if you give me a hand with the work. Please.

FRANKIE STEIN: Una mano? Sicuro, amico!
FRANKIE STEIN: A hand? Sure, dude!

RYAN: Odio il suo modo di prendere tutto alla lettera!
RYAN: I hate the way she takes everything literally!


10 commenti:

  1. HAHAHA! Ryan looked at that hand as though to say, "No this trick didn't." I needed this laugh, thank you!

    1. My pleasure. I need to laugh too. It's been so sad here in the past two days

  2. Too cute and too funny. And here I thought she was really going to help. LOL.

  3. Hello from Spain: what a laugh! .. arm loose hand is very original! Poor Ken has to distribute the boxes he alone without help ... I see that you also have Monsters. I have Draculaura but I prefer to Barbies. - Keep in touch

    1. Hello Marta! I'm glad that I entertained you! i loove MH dolls!! They are different from each others and it's more fun buying then than the usual blonde smiling barbies! I also have Draculaura, she's been the first MH doll, with Franki, that I bought. Then I also have Nefera De Nile, Operetta, Tora Lei, Lagoona Blue, the couple play set (Clawd Wolf + Draculaura) and the Skull Shores series (Draculaura, Abbey Abominable, Ghoulia). I hope to buy more MH dolls!!!

  4. Semplicemente fantastico! =) Anche io vorrei un amico come Ryan!

    1. Grazie Fra :) Adoro Ryan! Lo preferisco a Ken e sono d'accordo con te, sarebbe bello se esistesse uno così anche nella vita reale

  5. Hi YOU made me laugh,I must follow you!:) I am a big time Barbie fan,I would appreciate it very much if YOU could follow me back at :)

    Your blog is beautiful and well written!!:D

    1. Hello Pam :) Nice tomeet you! Thank you for stopping by and for your cute words and for following :) This blog is a friend of mine, I'm only a co-admin here, so I do my best not to make giving a bad impression to both.