sabato 29 settembre 2012

Stacie va in campeggio - Stacie goes camping

Stacie ha finalmente ottenuto da sua sorella Barbie di andare in campeggio da sola.
Stacie has finally obtained from her sister Barbie to go camping alone.


STACIE: Barbie è la solita esagerata! Sono grande ormai e sono abbastanza coraggiosa da potermela cavare benissimo da sola in campeggio!
STACIE: Barbie is the usual exaggerated! I'm big now and I am brave enough to handle it well alone in the campsite!


STACIE: Aaahh!! Cos'è stato?
STACIE: Aaahh! What was that?

STACIE: (sospiro di sollievo) E' soltanto un uccellino!!
STACIE: (sigh of relief) It's just a bird!


STACIE: Eeek!! Che cos'era quel rumore?
STACIE: Eeeek! What was that noise?

STACIE: (sospiro di sollievo) Meno male, era una lucertola!!
STACIE: (sigh of relief) Thank goodness, it was a lizard!


STACIE:  OMMIODDIO!! E adesso cosa..???
STACIE: OMMAGAWRSH!!  Now what ..???


CHRISTIE: Ciao Stacie, va tutto bene? Mi sembri piuttosto pallida.
CHRISTIE: Hello Stacie, are you okay? You look rather pale.

STACIE: Ciao Christie! Tutto bene, sto facendo il mio primo campeggio da sola e ho tutto sotto controllo!
STACIE: Hello Christie! All right, I'm doing my first camping alone and I have everything under 

CHRISTIE: Che brava! Questo è un bel posto dove fare campeggio, io ci vengo spesso a fare un giro col
CHRISTIE: Brava! This is a nice place to go camping, I often come here for a ride with the horse.

STACIE: E' vero e poi oggi è una bellissima giornata!
STACIE: It's true, then today is a beautiful day!

CHRISTIE: Bè io adesso vado. Lascia acceso il fuoco, di notte ci sono molti animali selvatici da queste parti. Ciao Stacie!!
CHRISTIE: Well I'm going now. Leave the fire, at night there are many wild animals around here. Bye Stacie!

STACIE: Ciao Christie!!
STACIE: Bye Christie!

STACIE: Anche decidere di ritornare a casa a dormire in camera mia è una forma di independenza. Buona notte!
STACIE: Even deciding to go home to sleep in my room is a form of independence. Good night!

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  1. Hi Sergio!:)I loved this post,poor Stacie,lol!! We all went through this phase in life when we just somehow wanted to prove that we were grown up enough to be left alone at times, no matter how scared and uneasy we were inside!!:D :D
    I love the cute little pink tent,very girlie and appropriate for Stacie!!!:)

    1. Hello Pam!
      To tell the truth, the sense of the story is not just that, but thanks anyway. The pink tent is part of one of the Mattel playset from the "Fab Camping sisters" series. The package contains, besides the tent, fire, a small stool, marshmallow, some unnecessary tiny accessories and the Stacie doll, that I shamppoed and re dressed. Also from the camping series I also have the playset with Skipper and Chelsea on the tandem bike and the camper :-)

  2. What an awesome horse! To want to be on her own, Stacie sure is jumping at every sound she hears. I wonder is she is going to be able to stay the night.

    1. Thank you Muff! That horse was languishing in my closet since years, so after fixing some annoying items it had, debuted for this story. Stacie after Christie's recommendation about the fire and the wild animals, go back to home. It was unclear so I added a line

  3. Hello from Spain: congratulations on having in your collection with this tent Stacei. I would buy the same tent but finally spent the money on a new Barbie. I really like your photos. I like riding the horse CHRISTIE. I'm glad to get back to sleep Stacei end to her room. So she can sleep without fear .... Very good end! keep in touch

  4. Mi emoziona sempre vedere una tua fotostoria sai?

    1. Sono contento :) Hai visto? Ho fatto la mia prima fotostoria all'aperto!

  5. Ma è troppo divertente!
    Che bello aver scoperto il tuo blog, davvero!
    Mitica Stacie,

    a presto


    1. Ciao Lorenzo! Grazie per i complimenti e per la visita, torna a trovarci :)