venerdì 21 dicembre 2012

All I want for Christmas

Skipper: Ciao Barbie, stavo pianificando le tue ferie dopo che avrai terminato il tour per le pormozioni Natalizie.
Skipper: Barbie Hello, I was planning your vacation after you have finished the tour for Christmas promotions.

Skipper: In quale posto vuoi andare?
Skipper: In which place you want to go?

Barbie: Casa / Home

Skipper: Cosa? Ma tu adori stare fuori casa per Natale! L'anno scorso siamo stati a Sidney!
Skipper: What? But you love to spend Christmas in some nice places! The last year we went to Sidney!

Barbie: Tutto quello che voglio per questo Natale è stare con le mie adorate sorelline, con il mio uomo e con alcuni tra i nostri più cari amici.
Barbie: All I want for Christmas is staying at home with my lovable little sisters, with my man and some of our dearest friends.

Barbie: Voglio solo questo. Poichè sarò fuori per lavoro per i prossimi due giorni, potresti occuparti tu di organizzare tutto?

Barbie: I just want this. Since I will be away on business for the next two days, may you look after to organize everything?

Skipper: Ok 

Barbie: Sai Skipper, è solo quando resti veramente solo che ti rendi conto di avere bisogno di qualcuno che tu possa chiamare amico. Bè, adesso ti lascio al tuo lavoro, ci vediamo lunedì, non stancarti troppo al PC.
Barbie: You know Skipper, it is only when you  remain really alone that you realize you need someone that you can call a friend. Well, now I'll leave you to your work, see you Monday, don't  tire yourself too much to your PC.

Skipper: Ma che diavolo le è preso?
Skipper: What the hell with her?

8 commenti:

  1. Skipper has a very nice play set! Looks like it folds away easily. Is Barbie okay? Skipper seems like she doesn't trust Barbie's new attitude.

    1. Thank you Muff
      That playset is the princess room. It is a foldable suitcase, it takes few space when is closed and I can hide it between my bags. I want to repaint it and do some modification. I don't know what's wrong with Barbie. Skipper doesn't trust Barbie because they didn't fight as usual

  2. I love Skipper's outfit. So cute! I hope Barbie is sincere. It really is nice to take a moment and enjoy family.

    1. Thank you Vanessa! The shirt and the shoes are from an outfit of one of the two Gabriella dolls (High School Musical) I own, and the pants comes from a Barbie clone doll.
      I hope Barbie is sincere too.

  3. I hope Barbie gets her wish and is able to spend Christmas at home with her friends and family. Happy Holidays to you and Best Wishes for the New Year!

    1. Who knows? We will see :)
      Thank you Limbè Dolls! Happy Holidays and best wishes to you too!

  4. Hello from Spain: you have the room suitcase princesses. I like the changes. Keep in touch