domenica 2 dicembre 2012

Compagnia notturna - Nocturnal fellowship

Barbie: (sbadiglia) Si, insomma, quella voltaaa...
Barbie: (yawns) It is, in short, that tiiiiiime ...
Io: Quella volta quando?
Me: That time when?

Barbie: (sbadiglia di nuovo) Cioè, voglio dire, lei..
Barbie: (yawns again) Well, I mean, she...
Io: Lei chi?
Me: She who?

Barbie: (suono incomprensibile a metà tra un grugnito e uno sbadiglio) Uhmm.. sai di chi parlo... Quella là...
Barbie: (unintelligible sound halfway between a grunt and a yawn) Uhmm .. you know who I'm talking about ... The one there ...
Io: Scusa, ma non ho capito
Me: I'm sorry, but I didn't understand

Barbie: (russa rumorosamente)
Barbie: (snoring loudly)
Io: Barbie?
Me: Barbie?

Barbie: (russa ancora più rumorosamente)
Barbie: (snoring more loudly)
Io: Incredibile! Si è addormentata in piedi!!
Me: Incredible! She fell asleep standing up!!

No, decisamente Barbie non è la migliore compagnia con la quale fare due chiacchere nelle mie notti di insonnia...
No, definitely Barbie isn't the best company with which to have a chat in my nights of insomnia ...

12 commenti:

  1. LOL, maybe Barbie is sleep deprived herself and that's the best she can speak right now.

    1. LOL! Barbie is always very busy, maybe you're right

  2. Hello from Spain: I feel that you have insomnia. It is a problem not being able to sleep. Barbie is not good company ... Keep in touch

    1. Yes Marta is a problem and is since a year that I have this problem. Thank you for stopping by.
      Keep in touch!!

  3. You have to put Barbie at the top of the pillow. That way she can sleep and you can sleep too!

    1. :) Thank you Ms. Leo I'll try to follow your tip

  4. Risposte
    1. Thank you Georgia Girl, I'm glad you liked it

  5. Very cute! I've been there myself.

    1. Thanks Vanessa, I try to spend those hours that seem to never go in a funny way, you can understand me