sabato 9 marzo 2013

A Plastic Birthday

Barbie: Oh Ken! La parure di zaffiri! La cena a Dubai, Tokyo e New York, Lo shopping a Parigi.... E' stato il più bel compleanno che una ragazza come me potesse desiderare!!
Barbie: Oh Ken! The parure of sapphires! Dinner in Dubai, Tokyo and New York, Shopping in Paris .... It was the best birthday a girl like me could ask for!!

Ken: Farei di tutto per te Barbie!
Ken: I'd do anything for you Barbie!

Barbie: Ti amo Ken!
Barbie: I love you Ken!

Ken: Ti amo Barbie!
Ken: I love you Barbie!

Barbie: Bene, adesso dormiamo!
Barbie: Well, now sleep!

Barbie: Buonanotte!
Barbie: Goodnight!

Ken: Ehmm..

Barbie: Si, caro?
Barbie: Yes, dear?

Ken: Bè, ecco, io speravo che noi, insomma, potessimo fare l'amore...
Ken: Well, I had hoped that we, well, we could make love ...

Barbie: Aww!! Che cosa romantica! Ma non posso. Ho il ciclo.
Barbie: Aww! How romantic! But I cannot. I have my period.

Barbie: Guarda un porno.
Barbie: Watch a porn.

Ken: * sigh *

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    1. Thanks Limbe Dolls.
      Yes, poor Ken!

  2. Hello from Spain: Ken has to take a cold shower ... Happy Birthday Barbie. Sweet dreams .... Keep in touch

    1. I bet you're one of those who say, "No, not tonight, I have a headache"

  3. Haha!! That was great! I can't stop giggling. (^_^)

  4. Ahahahah!
    Povero Ken... per questa volta gli è andata male!

  5. Hehehehehehe! Poor Ken. Oh well, that's what he has hands for.