domenica 3 marzo 2013

Wash your mouth? Really?

A Summer piace fare lurking nei blog che seguo (e usare la mia connessione internet...) 
Summer loves lurking on the blogs I follow (and stealing my internet...)

Summer: "...comunque Summer avrebbe bisogno di sciacquarsi la bocca col sapone..."
Summer: " the way Summer needs her mouth washed out with soap..."

Summer: COSA?? 
Summer: REALLY?? 

Summer: Cara Tracey Fowler, forse la mia super potente unica apparizione nella blogosfera ti ha alquanto confusa su chi è la sottoscritta.
Summer: Dear Tracey Fowler, maybe my super powerful unique appearance in the blogosphere  rather confused you about who is myself.

Summer: Ti invito a verificarlo tu stessa:
Summer: I invite you to check yourself: 


Summer: Vai oltre le apparenze, io sono una amica preziosa e leale capace di tenere un segreto!
Summer: Go beyond appearances, I am a precious and loyal friend able to keep a secret!

Summer: CAZZO! Se lo sono! 
Summer: FUCK! If I am this!

8 commenti:

  1. I didn't mean it like that. It was a joke. I actually found it rather funny. being a teen, and hanging out with friends who tend to use that sort of language them selves. I actually like summers personality, she is bold and not afraid to be herself. Sorry if I offended you.

    1. WHAT? Offended? No, no! I enjoyed your comment, I'm not a prickly guy, I love humour and sarcasm, often nobody understand me, my family first, and blogging for me is a way of spread my sense of humour.

      I made a photostory for my blog, Starlite (the link you found here), this isn't my blog, the owner is the one who broken my heart, but I still continue to post here for fun and for respect for whom follows me only here.

      .... and to spite him :P

      I think one day my "plastic adventure" will end, but for now, PARTY!!!

      *dances on the desk*

      This post is a commercial for my blog story and you has been my inspirative muse for writing it, no offence, really, I didn't want to bother you. Don't be angry with me.



  2. I got my mouth washed out with soap once. It just made me curse more, but sneakily, lol.

  3. Nella mia fantasia Summer è una persona più equilibrata.. ahahah!
    Ora la guarderò con occhi diversi! *_*

    1. Il mondo è bello perchè è vario

  4. Lol! Sergio, you are hilarious! As Wendy Williams say Summer says it like she means it! Lol!

  5. I didn't know Wendy Williams, she's not famous here in Italy, I searched her on youtube, Her comment about Beyonce cracked me up!! LOL!!! I think I will name one of my next characters Wendy :D